Energy Auditing and Management

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Our Energy management services are performed by Certified Energy Managers , accredited by the AEE ( Association of Energy Engineers, USA) We audit your facility , with the depth and detail of the audit is customized to suit your requirement. We can also work with you on pay from savings plans. ASHRAE ( American Society for Heating , Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers ) provides guidelines for 3 Levels of Energy Auditing . These levels may differ in…

The Accuracy

The accuracy of the projected return on investment from energy savings ( with 1 being more budgetary , whilst level 3 may utilize energy modeling software to calculate projected savings with greater accuracy)

The Detail

The level of detail involved in the study ( for example, level 2 and upwards will calculate interdependencies between different energy conservation measures , rather than each measure alone , for example an upgrade to lighting may also affect the heat load for an area )

Level of Investment

The level of investment , where a level 1 audit involves many low to no-cost measures, whereas a level 3 audit would be required for a major renovation.